The Road to Oceti Sakowin Camp: Stories From the Lines

His voice is heavy with the weight of struggle, yet stands tall with determination and will. His name is Christopher Francisco, a proud Navajo DinĂ© brother who was one of the last to feel the effects of the Indian boarding school system and its manifesto of ‘kill the Indian, save the man’. Christopher is a strong and solid soul who cares very deeply for the Earth and his People and has been very active in defending their Sovereignty.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0216.JPG We have become fast friends and I have learned a great deal from his wisdom. We have started working together on story gathering projects here at Oceti Sakowin Camp during this time of struggle against the North Dakota Access Pipeline.

Listen to his Story.


Celilo Falls, Standing Rock and The Dream.

I dreamt of Standing Rock last night, except it was Celilo Falls. Thousands had gathered to protest and block the U.S. Army corps of Engineers from flooding our Sacred falls.

Home Guard on the Columbia, by Benjamin A Gifford (1899) (photo- courtesy The Valley Library, Oregon State University)

Home Guard on the Columbia, by Benjamin A Gifford (1899) (photo- courtesy The Valley Library, Oregon State University)

I awoke from the dream in great lament and sadness. I am feeling pulled by the Salmon People to stop this monster of a snake and lend my body to help protect our Mother! And take a journey to gather the stories of the People who are taking a Stand to stop the North Dakota Access Pipeline (#NODAPL) at Standing Rock. I wish to document and gather stories of the Elders, the Children, and any and all who feel this draw to make a stand to flip the current paradigm of our Sacred Mother. I want to document what it means to be indigenous to a place, and to put your life and prayers into protecting it.

I am planning on leaving Monday, October 31st, 2016, from Olympia, Washington with just enough money (I have been dealing with serious health issues the last 5 months and have been out of work), but have many prayers that we (there is two of us) will be provided for.

We Are Water! photographer unknown

We Are Water!
photographer unknown

So I am humbling asking folks to donate to our Standing Rock fund (also linked below) to help us pay for the journey east to North Dakota. We will be traveling in a large utility van and wish to bring supplies (you can find the supply list here) to the Water Protectors as they hunker down for the Winter and the long fight ahead. So please, if you can not donate financially, help out by donating supplies for us to bring over! If you wish to send supplies with us, please contact us!

Many Blessings and All Our Relations!